Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NEW year

salam maal hijrah kepada seluruh umat islam...hurm..hari ini hari baru,,tahun baru,,n sepatutnya i should start a new life..tp early in the morning i just got a bad news.a news that can make me cry all over the day...mai nak pindah,,,yes!! mai just told me that she will be moving next week..why so sudden???i can't accept it at first.it's really hard.she is one of the most clingy friends of mine..im totally frustrated.how am i going to go through my day next year without her???but im still lucky because i still have a few friends left like fatin amira.she always there for me eventhough she is quite 'lembon'..hee..back to mai's story..yes!!i really gonna miss her damn f**king much..i had been friends with her for almost 5 years.we shared many things together..oh Allah,,help me..i really miss my friends.i know we will go on our separate ways but not so early like this..i love them so much especially my best buddies fatin n mai..i hope after she's moving.she still keep me in her mind and kept our memories in her head forever..jgn la kami lost contact..i also still don't know where will i further my studies for next year...am i staying at tigs or maybe i will be moving to other schools..hurm,,only God knows that..im just praying for the best..