Saturday, July 9, 2011


talking about growing ups..chums.,we keep growing up each day.lots of things will happen & of course we will learn numerous new things that somehow will make us to be even lots of things happen.and things do happen for a reason..and surely when something unpredictable happen like a major problem or even minor one and we are not fit for it,,there is always a silver line behind the clouds that we are facing..there's always time when you think like all hope is gone.just remember that Allah won't burden a soul beyond their's sounds funny when fazeera said about those kind of things.and that is also half of the growing up not a new just the old me that now being much more mature.i learn how to be responsible,honest and much more noble things that im lack of once.just stick to this 'don't care what,come hell or high water i'll face it'..even something said is much more easier than done but just face the's a phase where everybody will experienced and it's half of the living,,just keep on living and enjoy the time you had to the fullest.running away from the topic above,im at home right now actually..and my biggie sis is here.she is also having her 2 days off right now*sigh*.why on earth it's only 2 days??can they just extend the holiday..haiyooo...i think i want to meet all my babes tomorrow,,but i don't have much time..hmm..that's all i think for now..untill then..XOXO !