Saturday, April 28, 2012

live the moment

hey my dear blog,,its had been quite a long time since my last entry..lately i keep updating my diary because there had been numerous things happened..hurm,life's great!even if it's not i still  saying it's great because i just want to maintain the positive atmosphere that surround me right now..cehh.skarang ni dah jadi positive minded tau.awesome lah tia!!.now i want to share about how i am doing in MJSC PONTIAN.honestly during the first time i entered the school last year..i thought that is a hella,a NIGHTMARE!.spooky.i stumbled for almost a year and tears keep coming out from my eyes..*mcm buat essay english lahh pula* he..ok..but this year THANK GOD things had been so far so good for me.i've got such an awesome classmates.and also friends.they made my day.ermm..last friday the result for std 2 had been released by the UPPM..danggg!3.47..again..but it's ok.i know i can do much better and i will do it.hope that i will get 3.80 at least in my final SEM 1 examination thatt will be in less than 3 weeks.yaww!seram..there's one more thing that keep distracting me recently..ahha..ada la pasal sorang budak ni..haiyo..why on earth i keep thinking about him..kacau betol la.takpe la TIA.just focus in your study first k..Allah knows the a good person and He will give us a good companion.Insya-ALLAH..ohh..before i forget,,this 2 days holiday is quite a boredom as telefon saya dan simcard saya telah dirampas dengan secara hormatnya pada minggu lepas..tula pandai sangat pegi bawak with the reason konon nak hilangkan boring..dang!tapi betol la things happen for a reason and there will always be a silver line behind the clouds..hopefully permohonan untuk mendapatkan phone baru akan diluluskan oleh ayah..hahhaa.aminn~hurm,,i think that's all for now as my eyes starting to be kind of sleepy sbab malam tadi tidur lambat tengok RUNNING man..haha,awesome!!!ok la.until then.bye~

p/s : i miss you :)