Thursday, January 27, 2011


it is almost a month since my last post.oh mann,,,i hate form 4 life' is really killing me.hurm,,2 minggu lepas saya telah mendapat tawaran ke MRSM..should i be happy??the answer is yes and no.yes, bcause if i go there at least i had a chance to do things by myself without any helps from others.what i mean is i can be more independent and not too relying on others.but not happy is the major feelings that i do felt..why??it is because i don't ever want to lose my friends because they worth more than anything else.i just cry and keep on crying until's like a burden for me to handle this's really hard especially when i have to leave my best friend Fatin. aku sayang ko not good neither at words nor expressions.but i try my best to express my feelings.Fatin,,it is okay for u too cry.even aku yg nmpak mcm ni pon menangis.I can say these past two weeks were the most saddest part in my life.i don't know why on earth that i do be so 'cengeng'.but like what i said friends really affect me.i am really different from who i am .i am so quiet and much more emotional.i hate the way i am, rite now.but i know Fatin and others will never forget me as i won't forget them.Dulu org selalu cakap apa beza kawan baik dengan kawan rapat??Even im not sure myself what are the difference between those two.but now you really taught me what a best friend sounds like what had gone into this kid head??but honestly i never ever met a friend like you in this world.someone who is there for me and forever will be there.kau banyak ajar aku the meaning of responsibility and a lot more.we share a lot of things together..guffaw,,tears and even what i said to you..i will never forget about you and i will prove it. Kau dah bnyak sangat tolong aku sampai naik malu pulak aku.HEHE.tapi tu la engkau always giving something not for granted.Honestly aku terharu sangat when you said that i am your best friend other than just a clingy chum.thanks babe sebab at last ko anggap aku macam tu.i know it's hard for you to have a best friend and aku tak akan sia siakan kpercayaan kau kat aku selama ni.that's my word.i also hope that lepas aku pergi kite still can do things that we always did together.and macam janji aku once every 2 weeks tak pon every week aku akan call kau.aku nak friendship kite ni last forever.sampai besa pon nanti kite still best is not impossible.aku harap kau jaga diri kau baik-baik and tak payah anggap diri tu gemok ae makcik.He.And PLEASE tak payah fikir pasal apa yang orang cakap sebab kau jaoh lagi baik dari apa yang orang cakap tu.lagi satu jangan tension2 sangat kak naty boleh kene depression.relaks k sbb selama ni aku kenal kau,kau tu sangat professional lebih-lebih lagi something yang melibatkan feeling feeling ni.i know you so well budak :).come on FATIN!!!back one more thing kau boleh kalahkan smue budak-budak BUMI tu sebab kau mmg awesome cume kau tak nak tunjuk talent yang kau ad tu.percaya la kat aku and INGAT!!aku tak pernah sekali pon anggap kau heartless or what-so-eva.what i said is not what i meant..ok.good luck for u and also me. BYE