Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new life :)

hey there..since im away to my 'beloved' school mjsc pontian..i rarely updating my blog..he,,ok..back to the main topic..since i went there..a lot of things happened..a lot!i repeat A LOT!!numerous things that slowly change me to a lot more better person.those things also make me even matured..hehe??really fazeera??are you telling the truth???haha..ok2...not actually matured..i still own a joyful site of mine..but im more matured lahh then before..but out of the pros there's always gonna have the cons righto??hurm,,since i went there i am no longer closed with my chums,,though i try my hardest to foster back the relationship but maybe it's not enough..i have to do it all out i guess..reality bites,truth hurts but those are the things that i have to face.dear chums,,especially my bff i miss those time a lot,,but those were the days..i really hope we can be as closed as the time we were in form 3..everything seems to be no ends..but then..i don't know what more to say..come on fazeera :)..ok then,, family is now..ermm i don't have suitable words on how to say this..but it's like shit..things bcome worse between these two people that i love for's all bcause this one old uncle H who starts the sparks not being judgmental right's just my point of live well or to live hell??i am the one who will choose the one who is responsible for my own life..think wise fazeera ;)..that's all for just hoping for the best in my life and hereafter..daaa~