Sunday, June 17, 2012


hey is Sunday.normal Sunday as usual.nothing more or less.ohh ok saying the im a bit sad.even yesterday is quite an awesome day.stop playing with words fazeera.just said what you are on to..hurm,,ok..i read my friends' blog just now.its kind of killing seeing them together having fun all the wondering am i still apart of them..yes.i do admit im happy that they still stay together even when im not around but honestly speaking i do feel jealous.i miss the past..but those were the days.,.life must go on ANYWAY..i miss my best friend big time..makcik i miss u..a lot!..i still remember the time that we used to spend our time together.hope u are happy goodness yesterday we have a programme actually a talk about the's a really good talk.ohh..apart from that,,i do get my result for the final sem 1..alhamdulillah.i managed to get 3.79..praise to Allah..oh.ok that's all i think for now.till then..bye...May Allah bless

p/s: im falling for me :P