Saturday, August 11, 2012

awesome ^^

salam ramadan :)..sedih plak rase ramadan is leaving..i can said that this is one of the best ramadan i ever experienced.alhamdulillah stakat ni i have learned a lot..ermm,,raya pon da dkat ni.but this year mcm tak braye sangat,,TRIAL is coming..GOD! skarang ni hari-hari hidup dgn mountain of papers which supposed to be homework..even nightmare pon mimpi hope me and all my friends will get 9A+ in this upcoming SPM trial and the real SPM..i want to get SPC..nak further study abroad..aminnnn..what am i going to be??hurm..that's a big question for myself..tapi stakat ni i decided to do chemical engineering..hopefully MOCK interview on this monday will run smoothly..oh ok..stop talking about i want to talk about the picture above..that's what im feeling right now..geram tau tak..tapi takpe la.i prefer to stay silent.tak mau la bising-bising.lately my unofficial posmen ada ckp something.i hope the thing that the person said is true..tngah menunggu la ni for that thing to happened....i think that's all for now..da penat sngat ni sbenarnya buat amali biology will be included for the trial.i hope i will get excellent results :) XOXO

mood : suka tengok dia senyum.LOL