Friday, December 12, 2014


Hey there its been quite a long time since my very last post.Well i dont really have much time to update my blog.Sekarang ni aku mmg tengah sibukkn diri.i just have lots of things in mind to achieve.i have been facing lots of test lately.this year 2014 is a tough and challenging year for me.terlalu banyak benda jadi kat aku.sungguh Tuhan nak uji.nak tengok jauh mana sabar aku and to test me whether aku cukup kuat or tak.the key is to always be patient in whatever obstacles that we are facing.aku tak cakap yang aku ni kuat.tapi at least kau cuba dan yang paling penting doa usaha tawakal kau jangan tinggal.sebab Allah dah janji behind each and every difficulties tu theres a relief.ibu aku and my supportive family antara the main reason aku masih kuat smpai sekarang.well kau kne pndai distress and yeah family aku mmg aku punya source of happiness.never failed to give me the strength that i really need.once more aku broken hearted lagi but this time dah much tears no more.takpela aku percaya yang rancangan Tuhan tu jauh lagi baik.mmg soal jodoh ajal maut tu ketentuan Dia.just hope and doa untuk yang terbaik.yes i still like him but just let things be for now.i need to focus on my study and my life.and yeah lately aku mcm dah lost contact with my mates.entahla kenapa.maybe there are too many problems that im starting to distance myself from them.if ada yang terasa im sorry then.i really love you guys just i need some alone time.i hope you guys do understand...these days im starting to involve in bisnes kecil kecilan.and ibu help me to establish my own enterprise company.ibu suruh belajar sikit sikit selok belok bisnes and belajar masuk tender pakai lesen sendiri.nak berjaya bukan terus boleh berjaya.takpe i will give it a good try.there are so many ups and downs yang penting jangan give up and keep trying.yes im starting low and insyaAllah i will finish high.hari tu mmg macam dah nak give up study and nak kerja je dengan ibu.tapi ibu forbid me to do so sebab ilmu tu penting.takpe pelan pelan kayuh.and yeah after this i will furthering my study in engineering yet starting slowly to run the company dengan guide my mum.hopefully ada rezeki kat sini and everything will be great.thats my aim for now.may Allah bless 😊 till then.

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