Saturday, February 7, 2015

Backyard Rant

I just feel like blogging today.nothing much.i just feel like writing something and ranting here.hmm.i dont know lately i just feel so alone.i dont know why on earth i ended up feeling so empty.its not like things doesnt go the way i want.i dont know why but i keep on feeling sober and empty.i need someone perhaps.someone to listen to my endless share my problems.someone that  actually can accompany me.i realise that lately i hardly involve with taking quite a distance from people i know.i refuse to join in any sort of gathering or what ever.i dont know why.i just feel that say that i have completely moved on is not necessarily true.but still i manage to forget him so far.but sometimes i still scrolling his tl on twitter.well it wasnt that easy to forget someone that have give quite a big impact in your life i guess.for now i just need my own space.i need some private time so that i can think back straight again.things are not that easy recently.after lots of things happened i think it takes quite a lot of time for me to make things normal again in every for me and that S giving all the space he needs right now.honestly i miss him.but really want can i do other that hoping that things gonna working out between us two.if he needs me in his life i know he will make his move.and he will show some effort.i wont start first and i will just stand still this time.honestly it is such a hard task trying to restrain myself from contacting him.but untill now i manage to do it.and yeah for now i will just wait untill that moment to happen.after what happened between us i still like you i just hope for the best in everything i do as im trying to rebuild my life that is starting to fall apart.and i know in shaa allah things will get better.till then.bye

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